Monday, May 5, 2008

Getting customers for a telephone answering service

Communications (internal and external) of an organization play an important role in the effectiveness of its operations. With all the technological advancement happening around it is necessary to give your customers as personalized and prompt service as you can. This not only improves the goodwill of the organization with the customers or clients but also earns a good reputation in the industry by setting high standards. With this increasing need of giving prompt and personalized services, entrepreneurs look forward to outsource the task of dealing with customers or clients on the phone. This is where telephone answering services come into the picture. These phone answering services can help the businesses be with in the reach of their customers. These phone services are not hard to start up if you have the right skills, there isn’t much equipment need to start up the live phone services.

When you decide to start up a telephone answering service the first question that comes to mind is which industry to follow. Your experience in any industry will be a added advantage to you as you will be in a better position to understand the needs of the callers than a person outside of the industry. Just about any industry can be catered to. The more it requires dealing with the customers or clients the more chances there will be of using your phone services. Automated phone answering systems just can not match the live answering service.

Sometimes professionals like lawyers, doctors and accountants are too busy in their schedules doing their important work. But even these professionals can not afford to loose new customers so they need someone to look after their phone calls. Sometimes they need to give a more personalized service, in such situations it is easy to emphasize or create a need of such services. As said earlier, your experience in the relevant industry counts a lot in marketing your telephone answering services.

Sometimes people with small businesses do not have proper offices setups, so it’s important for them to have some one look after their calls. These services can help them a lot in their business by attending to their calls, taking up the messages and replying back. For individuals who work part time or manage multiple businesses/jobs, these services can be a good choice. So getting customers for a telephone answering service is easy, where there is a need, other important things are – your experience in the relevant industry and the kind of service you can give. Start up your live phone answering services and help businesses grow.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Medical telephone answering services

When technology is changing at such a fast pace, it touches every sphere of our life and that is for good. Its amazing how much have changed in last decade with the use of mobile phones all over the world, can you imagine life without them, I guess not. So it makes sense to incorporate technology into our lives to make it better and more efficient. Communication systems like phone answering services form an important part of business, especially in a competitive industry where you can not afford to loose your clients because of lack of communication or in an industry where you need to give a personal touch to your client like medical and healthcare industry. Technology has also enhanced the efficiency of patient medical services. Internet, phone and messaging services have made it easy for patients, their relatives and also for health care service providers.

Healthcare or medical telephone answering services can handle calls on behalf of hospitals, health care centers, long term care service providers, medical practitioners or doctor’s offices and deliver messages to the clients. Its important to give a personal touch to these services to make a long term relation with the client and medical telephone services help in doing so. As it is medical professionals are so busy in their daily schedules of attending patients or attending meetings that they don’t have the time to attend the calls. Healthcare professionals can benefit a lot from these services by answering all of their calls and providing solutions when they are busy doing more important work.

In America, a majority of people are already using these medical phone services to be in touch with their medical advisors. Callers know these services by hospital call centers, medical call centers, and health care call centers, relying on them for their assistance all round the clock. Most of these medical telephone answering services have trained and experienced professionals as staff who use physician approved guidelines or protocols to provide health care services as well as clinical access through answering services.

With all these services patients can get the right and promptly medical advice so that they can make their decisions on time especially when there is a chance of getting into a critical situation. Patients can have the option of talking to a nurse about their health care concerns 24/7 with nurse triage programs. They can also be informed about reliable, trusted sources for the health care information, including physician referral services.

A medical telephone answering service you can build up a good relation between doctors, patients and medical practitioners. The health care answering services can give a lot of value to the clients by accurate, fast and simple answering services at competitive prices. There is a competition in the health industry and there is a demand for increasing health awareness, the live answering services can help bridging the two.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Equipment needed to start a telephone answering service

The telephone answering services are growing everyday with the increase in demand and growth of electronic media in daily use. No industry can afford to loose its customers because of lack of communication with its clients. This is where a telephone answering service comes in. They attend to your calls while you are busy doing more important work and most of these telephone answering services are specialized in customer relations.

It’s a good business and can be started with a relatively low capital. An investment of around $10,000 initially for equipment and facilities, and working capital is enough to start up with an answering service. It does not involve much risk, has a low start-up cost and does not require any special expertise. What is really needed is good telephone manners, a pleasant voice, tactful answering strategies and , a passion to build your own business.

What is the equipment needed to start a telephone answering service? You will initially need a phone and a phone line for each client that you are providing phone answering services for. This will probably cost you around $200 per phone line with phone rentals of less than $50 a month. You may want to utilize computer software to track your calls and your messages, as well as manage your business operations as your business grows. In a 2 person operation, you can have your operator selling by phone while you make in-person sales calls. You'll need a leased switchboard from the telephone company. An average of 85 regular customers per every switchboard is required in order to get a minimum profit after all expenses. When you lease an office and get going, switchboards and other equipment - it's good to get as close to the telephone company's exchange or switching station as possible. This is because of the mileage charges it will cost you for landlines. Learn all your equipment well enough as it will be easier to operate when you know all about the systems.

Marketing your telephone answering service will depend on how good you are in your marketing skills as anyone with a business card is your prospect. People who work at their homes are good prospects, especially the ones in their regular jobs while doing their own part-time businesses. Cold calling may be required in the initial stages of your business but clients will come easier when you have some experience in your business of telephone answering services.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Get more business by using telephone answering services.

People that are trying to contact businesses, often complain about not being able to talk to a real person. Automated telephone answering systems seem like a great system to use when running a business, but to consumers it is impersonal and inconvenient. That’s why many companies are changing tactics and deciding to employ answering services to meet their communication needs, in fact you can get more business by using telephone answering services. These services directly handle incoming calls and they have real people handling the calls. These services are not limited to only telephone messages either.

Companies can have an inbound call center that can perform a variety of functions depending on the company’s needs. A telephone answering service is most commonly used to answer phone calls and take messages. This is appealing to many callers who are not comfortable speaking to a machine.

The services can be likened to outsourcing secretarial services. The telephone answering service can handle many of the duties that a secretary performs, for example, the telephone answering service can provide email services as well. Some companies use an inbound call center to manage and answer emails, which can become very cumbersome if not attended to on a regular basis.

Another feature offered by telephone answering services is live web chat support. Website users can get immediate and live support by using the service without it being a disturbance and burden to the company’s own employees. The hours of operation are usually flexible. A business could even use an answering service to provide live support twenty-four hours a day.

A telephone answering service could also be used to accept orders for sales. Customers speak directly to a representative who processes the order. People may think that calling would take a little longer than just placing an order online, but this is not always the case. And many people are still not comfortable shopping online. Speaking directly to a person gives the buyer the opportunity to specify the order quickly without having to navigate through complex online ordering forms. In addition to taking orders, the answering service can also generate incoming leads. The call center can be used as a transaction center that generates sales through incoming calls.

A telephone answering service is ideal to use as an inbound call center that function as a hub for customer service and technical support. Many telephone answering services provide companies with customer service representatives who are trained to meet the business’ unique needs. The inbound call center can also assist customers with questions and concerns outside the company’s regular hours of operation. Technical support is another valuable service provided by a call center. Businesses can offer technical support around the clock for its clientele.

An answering service can be used to process applications and schedule appointments. These tasks can also lead to more sales. Each call has the potential for a sale since the caller probably has an interested in the company’s products or services. If the person is calling, something sparked his interest. This interest may be lost if the person does not get the immediate feedback that can only come from a live person. Many sales are lost to answering machines.

Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, an answering service could be the right option for you. Customers are usually very pleased to speak to a person who can give them the personal service they desire. An incoming call center can be a valuable tool for a company. You can get more information on telephone answering services in the previous post.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Information on telephone answering services

The importance of phone calls in a business is known to everyone and no business can afford to miss their calls so the use of telephone answering services is increasing by the day. Even small and medium sized businesses need answering services to handle their calls effectively, it can mean better relations and more customers to them. Communication is a vital part in the growth of any business and prompt and effective communication can help in building up the relations with the organization. A telephone answering service can answer the phone for busy professionals when they are out on a job and no one is back at the office operating the phone or when office is shut down for holidays or due to employee vacations.

Often small business don’t have proper offices so they can get telephone answering services to handle their phone calls while they are busy doing their jobs. Answering machines just can not match the telephone answering services when it comes to handling a call as there is no substitute for a live voice on the phone line when a customer calls. Even with businesses which have proper office set up, excessive phone calls mean more time required to attend those calls, where as the same time can be utilized in other productive work. Telephone answering services take you out of this situation.

A telephone answering service is formed of a group of individuals who are trained in customer service. Their job is to answer phone calls when someone else can not. When a telephone answering service picks up a phone call they try to assist the caller in the best way that they can. Telephone answering service workers who are familiar with your business may even be able to answer common customer questions. So its always better to look for telephone answering services which have some knowledge about the nature of your business.

Knowing what do the missed or unattended calls can cost your business, telephone answering services can be a good option for any kind of business.