Monday, April 28, 2008

Equipment needed to start a telephone answering service

The telephone answering services are growing everyday with the increase in demand and growth of electronic media in daily use. No industry can afford to loose its customers because of lack of communication with its clients. This is where a telephone answering service comes in. They attend to your calls while you are busy doing more important work and most of these telephone answering services are specialized in customer relations.

It’s a good business and can be started with a relatively low capital. An investment of around $10,000 initially for equipment and facilities, and working capital is enough to start up with an answering service. It does not involve much risk, has a low start-up cost and does not require any special expertise. What is really needed is good telephone manners, a pleasant voice, tactful answering strategies and , a passion to build your own business.

What is the equipment needed to start a telephone answering service? You will initially need a phone and a phone line for each client that you are providing phone answering services for. This will probably cost you around $200 per phone line with phone rentals of less than $50 a month. You may want to utilize computer software to track your calls and your messages, as well as manage your business operations as your business grows. In a 2 person operation, you can have your operator selling by phone while you make in-person sales calls. You'll need a leased switchboard from the telephone company. An average of 85 regular customers per every switchboard is required in order to get a minimum profit after all expenses. When you lease an office and get going, switchboards and other equipment - it's good to get as close to the telephone company's exchange or switching station as possible. This is because of the mileage charges it will cost you for landlines. Learn all your equipment well enough as it will be easier to operate when you know all about the systems.

Marketing your telephone answering service will depend on how good you are in your marketing skills as anyone with a business card is your prospect. People who work at their homes are good prospects, especially the ones in their regular jobs while doing their own part-time businesses. Cold calling may be required in the initial stages of your business but clients will come easier when you have some experience in your business of telephone answering services.

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