Monday, April 21, 2008

Get more business by using telephone answering services.

People that are trying to contact businesses, often complain about not being able to talk to a real person. Automated telephone answering systems seem like a great system to use when running a business, but to consumers it is impersonal and inconvenient. That’s why many companies are changing tactics and deciding to employ answering services to meet their communication needs, in fact you can get more business by using telephone answering services. These services directly handle incoming calls and they have real people handling the calls. These services are not limited to only telephone messages either.

Companies can have an inbound call center that can perform a variety of functions depending on the company’s needs. A telephone answering service is most commonly used to answer phone calls and take messages. This is appealing to many callers who are not comfortable speaking to a machine.

The services can be likened to outsourcing secretarial services. The telephone answering service can handle many of the duties that a secretary performs, for example, the telephone answering service can provide email services as well. Some companies use an inbound call center to manage and answer emails, which can become very cumbersome if not attended to on a regular basis.

Another feature offered by telephone answering services is live web chat support. Website users can get immediate and live support by using the service without it being a disturbance and burden to the company’s own employees. The hours of operation are usually flexible. A business could even use an answering service to provide live support twenty-four hours a day.

A telephone answering service could also be used to accept orders for sales. Customers speak directly to a representative who processes the order. People may think that calling would take a little longer than just placing an order online, but this is not always the case. And many people are still not comfortable shopping online. Speaking directly to a person gives the buyer the opportunity to specify the order quickly without having to navigate through complex online ordering forms. In addition to taking orders, the answering service can also generate incoming leads. The call center can be used as a transaction center that generates sales through incoming calls.

A telephone answering service is ideal to use as an inbound call center that function as a hub for customer service and technical support. Many telephone answering services provide companies with customer service representatives who are trained to meet the business’ unique needs. The inbound call center can also assist customers with questions and concerns outside the company’s regular hours of operation. Technical support is another valuable service provided by a call center. Businesses can offer technical support around the clock for its clientele.

An answering service can be used to process applications and schedule appointments. These tasks can also lead to more sales. Each call has the potential for a sale since the caller probably has an interested in the company’s products or services. If the person is calling, something sparked his interest. This interest may be lost if the person does not get the immediate feedback that can only come from a live person. Many sales are lost to answering machines.

Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, an answering service could be the right option for you. Customers are usually very pleased to speak to a person who can give them the personal service they desire. An incoming call center can be a valuable tool for a company. You can get more information on telephone answering services in the previous post.

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